Thursday, October 19, 2006

Frank Corte's Supporters Are Not Very Smart

They are very easily confused, it seems.

Today, we got this email from the National Rifle Association, who has given Mr. dks their top rating, an "A" rating (he believes we need the right to bear arms more than we ever did with this group in charge)(emphasis mine):

Mr. Stallings -

I am the lobbyist for the National Rifle Association here in Texas. I need you to make a correction to your website. You have your "A" rating from NRA listed under "Endorsements" on your website. I have had calls from several members in the district who are confused by this, because the NRA-PVF endorsed candidate in the race is State Rep. Frank Corte!

I need you to take this down from your website, or move the word about the "A" rating somewhere other than under "Endorsements" because it is creating a wrongful perception about our position in the race.

I'm not accusing you of doing this intentionally, but if you don't remove or move this, I'm going to be forced to send out a press release pointing out the misinformation, and it will not reflect favorably on your campaign.

Please take care of this within the next 24 hours. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you,
Tara Reilly Mica
NRA-ILA State Liaison
(512) 636-9314

What precipitated this confusion? Well, look at this screenshot of Mr. dks' endorsement page:

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Does it say the NRA endorses Larry Stallings? As a reader of TexasKaos, I am sure you can read. It clearly states "rated", does it not?

So, to assist those Frank supporters out there in understanding the exact nature of Mr. dks' relationship to the NRA, we are taking the notification of their "A" rating of him from the endorsement page, and putting it on the front page of the website. Just so there's no confusion.

All this makes us kind of wonder just what Frank Corte is afraid of. He is running in a 70% Republican district against a guy with about 1/20th of the money he had last election when he ran unopposed.

Sunday, October 15, 2006



The Texas Democratic Veterans sincerely endorse Larry Stallings for election as the State Representative for District 122. Larry is a Vietnam era and Gulf War Combat Veteran with 30 years of military service and more than 2 dozen medals and citations including the Bronze Star and Legion of Merit. Larry has diverse and very successful business and management experience in the public and private sector.

Larry is a strong support of many Veteran Service Organizations in the District 122 area. He has his ear to the ground and listens to our issues and concerns. Larry has agreed to support the Hazelwood Legacy Act where if passed next legislative session this will help many of the children of Texas Veterans received educational benefits from our State Public universities and colleges.

We do commend his opponent for his military service to our country. What we do not understand why he voted yes on the Trans-Texas Corridor, a huge boondoggle for foreign contractors. We do not understand why in 2005 with his influence in the State House, why he let the Hazelwood Legacy Act bill die in the House Calendars Committee thus depriving some children of Texas Veterans potential educational benefits.

Larry will ensure we get quality federal and state veteran benefits. We respectfully ask you to support Larry Stallings.


State Chairman, Texas Democratic Veterans
USAF Academy Class of 1978