Saturday, April 22, 2006

Bush's Brain Sighted In San Antonio

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It's been confirmed by a Trinity University source that Karl's Kid will be matriculating at Trinity University this Fall, and was accompanied by his Mum and Da to the pre-frosh weekend at Trinity going on as I type.

So, what will we call him when there are Baby Rove sightings at local watering holes? Baby Brain? Karl's Kid?

Karl must be really glad to be back in mufti, hangin' with the wife and kidddie, trying to blend in. Too bad the overseas snark just keeps drawing attention to the Mini-Me of W. Check it out:
KARL ROVE is another faux-Texan wheeler-dealer sometimes described as Bush's brain, a courtier most often seen superglued to the presidential right ear. Pink and pudgy, he looks like one of Disney's three little pigs, although infinitely more smug.

Rove was shunted sideways this week in a shuffle of the White House deck chairs which also saw Dubya's press secretary lose his job. His new assignment will be to divert the Republican Party from the coming train wreck of the Congressional mid-term elections this November.

It will be interesting how the MSCM treats The Architect this time around. Can't wait.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Under The Sign Of The Cross

We of the new Democratic vintage have observed an interesting Spring so far; watching conservatives out-conservative each other. Recall the Leininger 5 who Doctor Jim dumped $3 million into the Republican primary to unseat, incumbent Republicans all, to be replaced by Republican candidates who were even more conservative. And of course, God was brought into play more times than I could count. You cannot claim to be a conservative politician unless you are a hard core fundamentalist right wing religious zealot. I guess if they all claim to be the most conservative, we can easily set up a score card to determine a winner. If one conservative boots 200 children out of the CHIP program and another boots 250 out of CHIP, clearly the 250-booter-outer conservative wins. A better conservative would increase the national debt that W has currently at $9 trillion, to $10 trillion. A better conservative would make war on another country that poses no threat to the U.S. The war in Iraq would, of course continue, because two wars would be more conservative than one. The only condition is that the second country must have oil reserves which exclude North Korea. This contest would be a great reality show sponsored by FOX News.

A couple of lessons in history are worthy of thought. Ten centuries ago humanity went through a time strangely named the “Crusades” – called that because the battles were fought under the sign of Christ’s cross. Powerful Christian rulers put aside their fights with each other and decided the Muslim infidels occupying the Holy Land should be removed by force. The rulers raised armies of thousands and sent them off to fruitless battles to conquer the same land mass the United States is fighting in today. Thousands and thousands of lives were lost over several “crusades” and nothing changed. The ruling elite thought conquering a foreign land more virtuous than protecting the lives of the soldiers, many of them children, who were slaughtered in the effort. This is hauntingly familiar today. Europe was not threatened by the Muslim world when the crusades began, either.

The good ol’ conservative folks need to take another look at the good book. Jesus spent all his public time healing, feeding and teaching. If metaphors have value, then we, who claim Christianity, should be devoted to health care, nutrition and education, crusades worthy of the cross of Christ.