Tuesday, October 31, 2006

"It's Garbage", He Says. Global Warming, That Is.

A few weeks ago, the Democratic Candidates Kathi Thomas and Little Larry waxed their opponents Jeffie and Frank at a Woods of Shavano neighborhood "question the candidates" event. At that event, Kathi's opponent, the incumbent, notoriously called the the idea of global warming "garbage", getting hisses and boos from the decidedly upscale audience.

Well, it turns out that global warming is not just NOT "garbage", as all but cranks and kool-aid drinkers feel free to admit; it is an economic catastrophe. The former head of the World Bank Nick Stern says so.

Texas could lead the U.S. out of this catastrophe, too. We could be leaders in solar, wind and biomass power, but we have politicians who think anything but fossil fuel energy generation is "garbage". Larry and Kathi think we should be turning our garbage into energy to light our homes and run our industries.

You know what to do. Vote Democrat.


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