Monday, November 06, 2006

Election Eve Emotions

Right now, I am feeling so very grateful for all of the support - financial, emotional, and spiritual, as well as the physical work of all of the people who made this campaign possible. I don't have words to reflect what is in my heart. I am thinking of the lady who sent me $2.00 cash, a true widow's mite. I am thinking about the many truly honorable Republicans who not only supported me emotionally in my quest, but in practical ways with money and enormous amounts of time, especially my own "Band of Brothers" who served with me in defense of our country. I am thinking about the candidates like John Courage and David Van Os who took time from their own challeges to help this rookie learn the ropes. I am thinking of those hopeful Democrats who didn't know me from Adam, but trusted enough to send some fairly hefty checks. I am thinking of the supporters who helped me become a candidate by telling me to wear a tie (I took that advice) and to sign my name more legibly (I couldn't comply with that one). I am thinking of my sisters and brothers from the Stonewall Democrats who taught me what equality before the law really means. I am thinking of the "come here" couple who, just as Diane and I were getting overwhelmed, stepped in and started to manage my campaign, which meant stuffing a lot of envelopes as well as planning strategy. I am thinking of my sisters from the Kendall County Area Democratic Women, who literally paid my filing fee. I am thinking of Loretta, who helped me articulate my position on the environment. I am thinking of the many teachers who took their sleep time to meet with me early in the morning to talk about their vision for educating our children in Texas for the new millenium. I am thinking of my community of faith which expected nothing of me this last year, except to take their loving support and rest in their embrace on Sundays. I am thinking of all the bloggers out there in Left Blogistan who cheered me on whenever I wrote my un-spell-checked diaries. I am thinking of Carla Mercado who always was there with a check, a hug, and the willingness to do even the most dull and thankless work to help me get elected. I am thinking of my employers who gave me their permission to run for this office. I am thinking of COMM-D, who is holding down a full-time job, in graduate school, a mother of two, and who managed the communications for my campaign.

Even though I am sure I am not thinking of everybody who carried me through this last year, I do want to tell y'all that I am also thinking of Zada True-Courage, who got me into this in the first place. I am glad I did it, Zada. Thanks for asking.


Thursday, November 02, 2006

It's Because Of Iraq

You know what to do, Make it viral.

H/T to Charlie at Pink Dome.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy All Hallow's Eve

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Thanks to Kos.)

"It's Garbage", He Says. Global Warming, That Is.

A few weeks ago, the Democratic Candidates Kathi Thomas and Little Larry waxed their opponents Jeffie and Frank at a Woods of Shavano neighborhood "question the candidates" event. At that event, Kathi's opponent, the incumbent, notoriously called the the idea of global warming "garbage", getting hisses and boos from the decidedly upscale audience.

Well, it turns out that global warming is not just NOT "garbage", as all but cranks and kool-aid drinkers feel free to admit; it is an economic catastrophe. The former head of the World Bank Nick Stern says so.

Texas could lead the U.S. out of this catastrophe, too. We could be leaders in solar, wind and biomass power, but we have politicians who think anything but fossil fuel energy generation is "garbage". Larry and Kathi think we should be turning our garbage into energy to light our homes and run our industries.

You know what to do. Vote Democrat.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Don't Vote (.com)

Sorta reminds me of a cross between Rick Perry and Gregg Abbott:

Thanks to Charlie.

Friday, October 27, 2006


Just guess which Texas Legislator is on these folk's BLACKLIST?

Yup. Good Ol' Frank Corte.

"Since these folks have worked so hard to give our land to the Spaniards, I feel they deserve a vacation. Let's send them home."


Good Ol' Frank Corte.

Ralph Snyder
The Blackland Coalition
Copyright 2006

These politicians are the people who brought you the Trans-Texas Corridor and tolls on roads we have already paid for. They voted to confiscate our land and roads for special interest profits (HB-3588).

Good Ol' Frank Corte.


You know what to do. Vote for Larry Stallings for Texas House District 122.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Mr. COMM-D and I both voted on Monday, him at the Semmes library and me at Lions Field off Broadway, both here in S.A. I can't speak to his polling place, but was pleased to see that while the lions were moving awful, awful slow the gentlemen and lady manning my polling place were working their tails off and running a clean show. As someone who has seen some egregious nastiness at polling places over the years, this did my heart good.

And bless them, not a one of them had stopped to eat lunch...they were so excited to see so many voters out they didn't want even one of them to have to wait longer than necessary to cast their ballot.

It's been a lesson in districting for my 9 and 6 year old as well. They don't understand why we live so close to their grandpa, but arn't able to vote for him. But the fact that they got to see their parents vote for Maya and Leya's daddy was almost as exciting.

I have every confidence that these two kids (not to mention Maya and Leya!) will be politically active their whole lives. My 9 year old was counting the years until she gets to vote for the first time. It might be a bit of a "well, duh" moment but if we want our kids to be politically active when they grow up we have to show them where to start.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Something nice every day now...

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The Bulldog was disappointed when the San Antonio Toll Party, after all his work in local hearings and after all his stumping their position, did not endorse him, just listed him as one of the "Good Guys" on the issue, and his opponent as one of the Bad Guys" on the issue. They said they did not want to dilute their endorsement. Their call, I guess.

But a nice surprise was in The Bulldog's inbox last night:


Early Voting: Oct 23 - Nov 3 Election Day, Tuesday, Nov 7th


Help stop corruption, new taxes, new layers of government, tolls on roads we've already paid for, the TTC land grab and save Texas - and $1,000's a year! We've found the best Republicans, Democrats and Independents that have already begun to fight for US (NOT the special interests). Print out this ACCOUNTABILITY VOTERS GUIDE and take it with you into the voting booth. Send this list to others now."

Governor: Carole Keeton Strayhorn
The ONLY gubernatorial candidate with alternatives for Perry's TTC and double tax toll Boondoggles! (Bulldog is voting for Chris Bell)

Attorney General: David Van Os

Agriculture Commissioner: Hank Gilbert

US Senate: Barbara Radnofsky

US Congress Dist. 21: John Courage

US Congress Dist. 23: Lukin Gilliland

State House:
Dist. 13: Lois Kolkhorst
Dist. 20: Jim Stauber
Dist. 45: Jim Neuhaus
Dist. 47: Bill Welch
Dist. 48: Donna Howard
Dist. 49: Elliott Naishtat
Dist. 50: Jerry Chandler
Dist. 51: Eddie Rodriguez
Dist. 52: Karen Felthauser
Dist. 73: Nathan Macias
Dist. 101: Tom Latham
Dist. 122: Larry Stallings
Dist. 125: Nelson Balido
Dist. 117: David Leibowitz
Dist. 118: Joe Farias

State Senate:
Dist. 14 : Robert "Rock" Howard
Dist. 19 : Dick Bowen
Dist. 25 : Kathi Thomas

Travis County Commissioner, Precinct 2: Sarah Eckhardt

Hays County Judge: Elizabeth “Liz” Sumter

Bexar County Commissioner: Tommy Adkisson

Who represents you?

Texas Elections:

IMPORTANT: Both the Democrat and the Republican Parties have failed to represent us. Special interests, who fund toller campaigns, are being allowed to take our land, roads, and tax dollars for profit. This is a strategic plan to replace special interest politicians. We can no longer vote along party lines. We must shop the ballot to de-elect the looters and elect the better candidate. We must vote strategically and wisely to stop the corruption. Print out this ACCOUNTABILITY VOTERS GUIDE an d take it with you into the voting booth. SEND THIS VOTERS GUIDE OF THE GOOD GUYS AND GALS TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW IN TEXAS!

Thank You
Sal Costello
Founder of People for Efficient Transportation PAC
email me with questions 24/7:"

The Bulldog thanks you, Sal.