Sunday, March 26, 2006

Shhhhh...Don't Tell The Republicans (A Bexar County SD 25 Report, For Your Eyes Only)

Bexar County Democrats are actually getting pretty well-organized.

That's right, sisters and brothers, we are actually meeting when we are supposed to, and the big news is that we are actually getting things done, all the while being not just civil with one another, but actually courteous and thoughtful toward each other.

Yesterday Candidate Larry and I went to our local Senate District 25 Convention. I, as chair of the Rules Committee, duly prepared for my task by reading the rules of the Democratic Party in Texas. I had only a draft copy, but figured it would do for a primer. Our Temporary Chair, Ian Strauss, was really organized, with packets for every committee. He was quickly voted Permanent Chair. Because not all the Rules Committee members were able to be present, I called for volunteers, and we made quick work of our Convention rules, praying the two we brought before the Convention would be adequate and favorably accepted. Guess what? Not only was our report quickly heard and accepted, so were all other committee reports. Questions were asked that were germaine, they were expeditiously dealt with, and we moved along at a nice brisk pace. I was holding my breath, however, for the resolutions to be discussed. I know Democrats, you see. I know how passionate we all are about justice, fairness, honor, and the concern we have for the marginalized; I was waiting for the Heat, sort of half-holding my breath.

The Resolutions Committe Chair, Larry Balser (one of The Three Larrys), evidently shepherded his committee well, for the resolutions were reasonably clear, and generally took little discusion; indeed, many were dispatched quickly and unanimously. Those that were questioned were done so courteously, and argument proceeded without defensiveness and with a welcomed courtesy. Afterward, everyone congratulated each other on the tone of the discussion. What I experienced yesterday at the SD 25 Convention was a gathering of Democrats for a new era, Democrats who are clear in their purpose to bring democracy back to America.

We had over 80 delegates present, and every one has a place as a delegate or as an alternate to the State Convention. And about 90% of those present wore Glen Maxey for State Chair stickers. And Charlie Urbina-Jones, our local candidate for that position, came and spoke to us most passionately - not about his own candidacy, but about our capacity, as the grass roots, to take charge of our own convention and chose our own Chair. He said we are organized and prepared enough to give up having everything and every body spoon-fed to us. We are no longer window dressing, we are true Democrats. God bless Charlie.

I am hopeful. For Texas, and for America. But please, don't tell the Republicans. Let it be our little secret.