Thursday, June 22, 2006

The race just got a little kinkier.

It's official. Kinky Friedman is on the ballot having collected all the signatures he needed plus 25,000 more than the other independent canidate, Carol Cougar Mellencamp. And he was operating on 1/10th of her budget.

We are witnessing a new era here, y'all. We will no longer be governed by the comfortable few. Big bidness, big oil money isn't going to win this batch of races. They will be won on the time, talent, creativity and blessings such as these.

Doesn't it just tickle you to death that every little bit really does help?

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Pros Take Over

Well, Larry For The Lege is actually moving forward - we have some pros running the campaign now, Tom Jepson and Mimi Moffat. Mimi's actually done this for a winner before, and I'm hoping she will tell the story on this blog, as well as post her recipe for cauliflower salad. Krazy Puppy over at Texas Kaos, The Blog Formerly Known As TexasKos designed and put up an ad for the campaign (about 2/3 down on the left - check it out!). Tom and Larry watched Mimi and me drink a bottle of wine and a bottle of champagne while we all tossed around ideas for bumper stickers. We are all fairly OK with black on yellow or yellow on black to read: Larry "Bulldog" Stallings for Texas 122". I like the gold on black best, but since I'm not the campaign manager anymore, I'll probably not get my way, especially if the black background costs more.

We played COMM-D's Bulldog Dems Fight Back Anthem Mix going out to dinner on Sunday, and when the Beatles "Revolution" came on, I started singin' at the top of my lungs, with the windows open, embarrassing Billy to death and making him wonder what I was inhaling. (But, it was only the diesel fumes from Peter, my 2004 VW Golf TDI, which I drive altogether too fast most of the time.) "You ask me for a contree-byu-shu-un-un; we-e-ell you kno-o-o-w, we're all doin' what we ca-an-an-an..."

Read about the latest contribution here at Texas Kaos, The Blog Formerly Known as TexasKos. I sure wish we knew who sent it, so s/he could be properly thanked.

Been spending most of the week getting Billy medically checked and medically documented for the College Experience. He was dismayed to learn he needed more shots, blood drawn for a chicken pox titer, and a TB tine test, which the doc did not trust me to read, necessitating schlepping back again today. He handled it only marginally better than he did as a baby when he always screamed in outrage to the point of passing out from not breathing. Now he just, well, complains. Over and over. I must admit in this, he is My Child. Larry is more stoic when outraged. He just goes after whoever makes him mad relentlessly, but non-verbally. 'Til he wins.

Yup. He's a bulldog.