Monday, October 23, 2006

Veeerrrryyy Interesting...

A glossy magazine-sized four-page pamphlet came in the mail today (not printed in a union shop), addressed to Billy Stallings, from the Bexar County Republican Party. It must have cost a fortune. It has Susan Reed, dressed all in red with a red heart around her neck, smiling her very weird tiny teeth smile (it would be worth having Eddie Bravenec just for something good to look at, but he's smart and a doll-baby) on the cover. And lo! Just on page two, is a huge spread in red, white and blue with Texas flags and stars with the banner "Our Local Leaders Working In Austin For You". It has their Supreme Court Guy, their TX court of Criminal Appeals Gal, Ms. Tiny Teeth Big Gums, Kathi Thomas' opponent, Jeffie, Young Mr. Antuna, and Joe Straus, husband of a McCombs. No Frank Corte. No Frank Corte until the very last page, in a font probably called "Tiny", and only his name, along with every other Republican's name, for their sheeple to cut out and take to the polls, because they have to be told what to do.

Now, this pamphlet came for Billy because he is a fairly new registered voter. He wasn't old enough to vote in the Democratic primary, but was able to vote in the runoff between Barbara Ann Radnofsky and Dead Dancer. His very first vote ever was for Barbara Ann. But I know campaigns are targeting 18-20 year olds (we are!), so I guess that's why it came in the mail. I know Billy would want me to let you know that the R's are so ashamed of Frank Corte that they left him off their "Our Local Leaders Working In Austin For You" page.

He must be too extreme even for Texas Republicans to be reminded that he is one of "Our Local Leaders Working In Austin For You". So that's why in the twelve years we've lived in House District 122, we have only gotten 2 pieces of mail from him. His strategy has been to lay low, it seems. No wonder he was so cranky when he had to appear and take questions from real voters this month.

And THAT, my fellow Texans, is why we have to run a candidate in every frakkin' race. So they are forced to face us and answer our questions. So they have to fight, and so we can win.

Now, git! Go vote! And if you are in TX HD 122, you know what to do. Make sure there's a "New Leader Working In Austin For You".


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