Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Offical Campaign Playlist

Along with his other father's day goodies, the COMM-D family burned him a CD of his campaign fight songs. Some were requested by him specifically and some were chosen by us unilaterally. Want some good tunage for your car? Burn your own "Bulldog Dem" mix today! Also makes an inexpensive father's day gift for the other bulldog Dem dads in your life!

1. Hey Bulldog -- Dave Matthews and Friends
2. Going Up To The Country, Paint My Mailbox Blue -- Taj Mahal
3. Lookin' For A Leader -- Neil Young
4. Revolution -- The Beatles
5. Big Yellow Taxi -- Joni Mitchell
6. For What Its Worth -- Buffalo Springfield
7. War [Live 1985] -- Bruce Springsteen
8. The Times They Are A-Changin' -- Bob Dylan
9. Not Ready To Make Nice -- Dixie Chicks
10. Get Up Offa That Thing -- James Brown
11. Who Let The Dogs Out -- Baha Men

Bicycle -- Queen

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A Candidate's First Convention

I really enjoyed parts of the convention immensely such as Wes Clark's speech and participating in my SD25 caucus. The truth is, this entire process is easily refined and made better and we must tell our SDEC representatives to promote some minor changes:

A. No more stump speeches from folks running for party chair because:

1. Delegates received e-mail, phone calls, regular mail and many handouts at the convention.

2. Each candidate received two nominating speeches and spoke themselves.

3. Many attendees at each caucus were not delegates therefore could not vote for party chair anyway. They attended a caucus because they are advocates and want to learn how to work for a cause and hear from November candidates who endorse their cause.

4. The opportunity for November candidates to connect with the grass roots was lost.

B. A 30 minute training early Friday morning for new candidates outlining how to participate in the caucus process.

C. A sign in booth for candidates with delegate and candidate badges ready for pickup to expedite their participation in a caucus. I did not have my credentials until 11:30 Friday morning.

D. Publish a schedule and live by it. Many fellow candidates had to leave to keep other commitments because of unannounced changes. I stood for a total of 4 hours waiting to be introduced and then was further delayed all the while following convention staff instructions.

E. Have credentials ready for all delegates for two hours Thursday evening and 8:00 A.M. Friday morning.

F. Publish accurate brochures. I'm running for HD 122. If you check your glossy program, you will see Mike Villarreal listed for 122. Mike is a sitting Democratic Legislator in seat 121 with no opposition this fall. When I saw the mistake my only thought was; no wonder we Democrats lose; we don't even know who is running.

G. Start the convention at 8:00 A.M. on Saturday with caucus groups.

I learned a great deal and do not regret attending for one second. Let's get better so we maximize our togetherness and build our grass roots and avoid all self aggrandizement.

On a personal note:  I am asking you to contact your SDEC members and insist that they vote for the impeachment resolution at their next meeting.  Speaking as a thirty-year combat veteran, I have an intimate knowledge of what it means to risk one's life for our country.  The cause must be compelling if we are to keep faith with those who serve now.  There was absolutely no compelling reason to enter into this conflict, and the Bush regime knows it.  They are killing and maiming our children, they spy on us all, and they are personally profiting from this war. They need to be removed from office for high crimes and misdemeanors.  I proudly signed the petition at the convention.