Friday, May 12, 2006

Why I Served

As have many other citizens, I served in the military for 30 years; twice being deployed to combat zones. I also took advantage of the benefits available from military service such as education; but the overarching reason most of us served was to protect the Constitution "against all enemies foreign and domestic". To connect this philsophy to the current reality I offer these thoughts.
I served to safeguard:

Free private religious expression for all.

Good public schools.

The right to privacy.

Confidential and unrestricted medical care.

Fiscal policy that is good stewardship of our tax dollars.

Safe and accessible public transportation.

Environmental protections.

The right to vote on policies that affect me and my family.

Freedom to make end of life decisions.

Trial by jury, not by Legislature.

I could list a lot more, but these are important because they are being taken away by Republican politicians and cowardly Democrats.  The national debt, undeclared war, eavesdropping, CIA leaks, a military general chosen to lead the CIA, school vouchers, toll roads, tax cuts for the wealthy and many more elitist matters make me livid. These  same elitists threaten and harm us all, and tell us we are not Christian or patriotic if we don't march in step with them. My message is simple: my military service speaks of my patriotism; and my values declare my religious faith. Both lead me to vehemently disagree with the current Republican politicians from D.C. to Austin to HD122.

VOTE BLUE and restore Democracy!!!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

On Thin Ice

On Thin Ice
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This is my new favorite t-shirt y'all. Mr. COMM-D has one, and I have two of them plus the apron. I wear mine all over town when I'm working and all over campus when I'm going to school.

This is the official campaign shirt for David Van Os (better known in our household as Maya and Leya's daddy) bid for Texas Attorney General.

You can gitcher own right here.