Saturday, March 04, 2006

Snarko Speaks

From the Van Os campaign blog, that is. He has better eyes, I guess, and a lot less trouble getting the wi-fi to heed him. So this entry from earlier in the evening is kinda cute, and Very Larry:

The Sun Goes Down but Not Enthusiasm

Larry Stallings, candidate for House 122, took the steps to criticize the chickenhawks in Washington, and the need for REAL energy and economic independence, not just lip service and ports sold off to outsourcing. "What, are we all going to be living in independent glass bubble houses?"

But my favorite quote was in explaining why he was running for office. He'd remembered Howard Dean speaking about how we cannot let a Republican run uncontested in any seat anywhere. "I'm running because one person asked me to, and my wife gave me permission."

It's nearly three AM, and I am back in San Antonio, because our golden retriever cannot cross her legs for 24 hours at a time - 12, for sure; but then it gets dicey. But I know 2 girls who are hangin' - Amanda and Aurora Keeler, who went up to Austin with Larry and Billy at 4;30 on Friday, and refused to come home with me this morning. They are no longer political rookies, I tell ya. Way out of their comfort zone, they are engaged, alert, and sleepy. These are the women of the Texas Farm Team, people - be looking for them in the Lege in about 15 years.

More after a bit of a nap and a pot of coffee.

Thanks to all y'all who are participating in the Filibuster. It's a gas with you there!


Blogger snarko! said...


I'm actually flattering you thought me a male, as "snarko!" was developed for that reason; conversations back in the day used to jump from politics to "what color undies do you have on?" if they found out otherwise.

Wi-Fi on the Austin Capitol grounds is easiest to get right up against the building.

Larry is awesome. I'd vote for him if I could in a heartbeat, and don't think I don't tell my friends who can!

4:07 PM  

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