Friday, January 27, 2006

TV Shows and Strep Throat

Well, we are all caught up on the doin's of our youngest and family TV watching, too. Billy came back from a tournament in Quebec (obviously, we must be Dems, because they speak French there, don't they?) with a nice case of strep throat. So after a trip to the doc and a bag of meds, and a nice nap, he talked us into watching the recorded family shows. First we watched this week's episode of Commander-in-Chief, which I am beginning not to like. Geena Davis' clenched-teeth look and her fake (even for her) man's voice is really beginning to grate on me. I know they cast her because she is an Amazon with a naturally deep voice - why make her sound like she is on male hormones? And that clenched-teeth look pisses me off even in a man. She does not have to be Clint Eastwood to run the country - Golda Meir wasn't, Benazir Bhutto wasn't, and neither was Margaret Thatcher. Margaret had her own annoying mannerisms, didn't she, though? Her slippery mumble-mouth Britishisms and her Tory-ness rankled me almost as much as McKenzie (see? even the name has to be a guy's name!) Allen's clenched-teeth manliness. And what really makes me tear out my hair is those kids of hers! They act like Republican kids, so self-absorbed and whiney. Only the little girl seems like a kid of Democrats, with her hopefulness and generous nature. But those teenagers, I swear! If any of mine acted like that, they'd be sent off to Outward Bound or to do do missionary work in some third world country so they could see what real problems are.

So then we watched the last two episodes of Battlestar Galactica. Geez, I love that show! And the themes are getting more hopeful, now, as the thick black line between humans and cylons is getting thinner and fading to a more charcoal color. I am disturbed and exhausted by the tension of being human in this show, the constant moral re-evaluation that goes on inside the main human and the cylon characters. It's just like my life as a Democrat. Life events as well a world events are always forcing me to re-evaluate my choices in light of new information and my own moral bottom line. Obviously, the Republicans are the earliest models of cylons - the ones that simply destroy and do not think with their brain and their soul, like the Sharon model does. Nothing changes for them, they are never wrong, they never feel shame, remorse, or transformative love. Just like some Republicans we know.

And now, a word from our sponsor:

Little Larry is getting ready to order some push cards, known in polite society as "campaign literature". But he needs bucks to do it, so we are asking for some wampum to make it happen. Hope y'all can help.

BTW, Billy got up feeling a bit better today. Antibiotics and sleeping 11 straight hours will do that.


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