Saturday, January 28, 2006

Texas Has A Grand Canyon, Too (And It Isn't Palo Duro Canyon, Either)

If I wasn't so crazy in love with Candidate Larry, I might just chase Phillip over at Burnt Orange Report. He has been writing some incredibly good, well-sourced stuff lately, and I always seem to be linking to it. His latest is on Texas' very own Grand Canyon - a Grand Canyon of income disparity, even within a country of growing incoming disparity.

Now, this is not only bad for those families whose income is shrinking - it is bad for our whole economy. I though we learned this lesson when Henry Ford taught it to us by paying good liveable wages so his workers could afford his product. I guess things are different now?

Go read my Fair Haired Boy Phillip. And if anybody has a picture of him I can tape up on my fridge, send it to me.


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