Friday, March 03, 2006

Live Blogging the Filibuster for Independence with David Van Os and Little Larry

I am sitting on the steps of the Texas State capitol. The wi-fi signal is, well, iffy, I am trying to balance Billy's laptop on my ample lap, and it is almost midnight. I am having the time of my life. David, Larry, Billy, and about 30 folks who care about Democracy are engaging in a conversation about saving America by having Texas, which spawned the opression we currently live under, leadAmerica out of it. Billy spoke for about 20 minutes about energy independence. He spoke of his dream of Texas leading not only America, but the world, in new ways of powering progress. He pointed out that Texas is blessed with at least 350 days of sun a year and enough wind to power the state. He expressed his hope that the damage to the environment from our dependence on fossil fuels could be reversed.

Well,it must be midnight - the lights of the capitol grounds just went out, and my bi-focals are useless. I have to hold the computer about six inches away to see the frakkin' keyboard. And I need to pee. So I'll post more later.


Blogger snarko! said...

Where the heck do we PEE?! Just kidding.

Actually anybody not here at midnight has missed a great time. And anybody that made it through the night started screaming at each other about differences of opinion on issues at sunrise, but it was a weird magical moment that despite my sleepiness and now ADD-level attention span was quite beautiful. And I understood why David kept grinning.

Because despite how much everyone was empassioned about their views--it was just that: passion. The "campfire crew", as I call them (there was no fire but there was a guitar and political story reading and a light in the center of our circle)were all best buds by the time the sun actually hit our faces.

2:07 PM  

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