Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Our Neighbors Are Beginning To Wonder

We have had 2 parties in three days, with cars clogging the streets, and no parking available for other residents' visitors. One old neighbor guy keeps walking his dog past our house, back and forth, back and forth. The doors are open, and candles are flickering on tables in the back yard and even on the front porch. Food smells abound, laughter can be heard. All the cars have some variety of Dem bumper stickers. Our friends come in political tee shirts - hell, even the life-sized George Bush cut-out on the front porch is wearing a "Courage For Congress" lapel sticker. Candidates give pitches, money goes into the basket, war stories are told, and even new love blooms. The Democrats Are Coming, The Democrats Are Coming - and boy, are my neighbors scared.

Scare your neighbors, too. Don't wait for Halloween, do it now - have a fund-raising party for a Democratic candidate fo your choice.


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