Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Mr. COMM-D and I both voted on Monday, him at the Semmes library and me at Lions Field off Broadway, both here in S.A. I can't speak to his polling place, but was pleased to see that while the lions were moving awful, awful slow the gentlemen and lady manning my polling place were working their tails off and running a clean show. As someone who has seen some egregious nastiness at polling places over the years, this did my heart good.

And bless them, not a one of them had stopped to eat lunch...they were so excited to see so many voters out they didn't want even one of them to have to wait longer than necessary to cast their ballot.

It's been a lesson in districting for my 9 and 6 year old as well. They don't understand why we live so close to their grandpa, but arn't able to vote for him. But the fact that they got to see their parents vote for Maya and Leya's daddy was almost as exciting.

I have every confidence that these two kids (not to mention Maya and Leya!) will be politically active their whole lives. My 9 year old was counting the years until she gets to vote for the first time. It might be a bit of a "well, duh" moment but if we want our kids to be politically active when they grow up we have to show them where to start.


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