Friday, February 24, 2006

Where In The World Is Little Larry?

Do y'all remember the garden gnome subplot from the movie Amelie? Amelie kidnaps her father's garden gnome and has her friend the flight attendent take pictures of her father's garden gnome all over the world and sends the pictures back to her dad. After his gnome is finally returned home, her father is finally motivated to go see the world himself.

Little Larry's push cards have been really popular. So many people are so excited to see him run and see his first printed media that the cards have been elevated to the status of actual politial swag.

Which, of course, gives us an idea. Where could all these push cards go? As we travel about with the cards we will snap photos to share with the rest of you. We are also hoping y'all will get in on the act and snap pictures of where your Little Larry swag cards end up and send them in. Will will send (ridiculous, cheesy) prizes to some of our favorite submissions and post them all on the blog. Once we have several, I will also add them to the photo gallery on the campaign website.

So let the games begin!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I don't have this card. I think that Russia is exotic enough to take prize in the contest :)


2:49 AM  

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