Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Team Stallings Welcomes Treasurer Terry!

Stallings Announces Campaign Staff

San Antonio, TX -- 11/25/2005 – Larry Stallings, the Democratic candidate for District 122 of the Texas Legislature, announced several new additions to his campaign staff this week. Stallings' named Terry Mayclin, a longtime friend and colleague as his new campaign finance manager.

Mr. Mayclin, a mental health professional who lives and works in Bexar County, is a highlydecorated retired military officer with a masters degree in public administration and an extensive amount of experience in finance.

More surprisingly, Mayclin is a long-time staunch Republican, but an avid supporter of Stallings' bid for the Texas Legislature.

"Party affiliations don't matter when you know you have right man forthe job. I believe Terry is the best man to manage my campaign finances, just as he believes I'm the best candidate for the Texas Legislature," states Stallings.

Mayclin laughingly admits "I'll be voting Democrat for the first time in my life!"

Other appointments to Stallings' team include his wife Diane as his Campaign Manager, son William as his Volunteer Coordinator, daughter Faith as his Communications Director, and son-in-law Noland as BlockWalk Captain.


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